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track, smug

Despite Akadriel's mention of a congratulations present, it is not until the Wherz are preparing their departure from Nabol that a Chadey messenger delivers a package to Siraji's wagon. It arrives in a large crate, sturdy wood and packed carefully with fresh straw.

Beneath the fresh clean smell of straw is that of leather, new and rich. Nestled inside the straw, the crate holds a trio of saddles, sleek and well-crafted. The largest of the three is fit for racing, though the two that accompany it are small -- child-sized, pony-sized. All three are fashioned in supple black leather, detailed carefully in elegant patterning with sky-blue and red.

The note that comes tucked in along with the saddles is sealed in crimson wax and stamped with the Chadey seal. It is brief, penned in a neat and elegant hand in black ink.

Siraji -

I have little doubt you will be back in the saddle before long. I have little doubt, too, it will not be many Turns before your boys are there along with you.

May these see you and yours safely through many miles.

Best wishes, always,

Akadriel, of the Chadey Caravan


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