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IC correspondence
track, smug

Delivered in person but in passing, with one of Siraji's familiar stubborn-jawed expressions and accompanying furrowed forehead and down-drawn eyebrows. For all her outward prickle and quick distancing herself from the giving of it, the package -- the present and attached letter -- obviously come from the soft squishy places buried beneath her crunchy-cranky outsides.

The present itself is unassuming: a collection of gently worn newborn clothes. They vary slightly in quality, and there are separates as well as the occasional onesie or baby-sack. Some bear the blue or red of Siraji's caravan, others the black and orange of Ista Weyr, and still others simply neutral, natural-fiber colors. While obviously second-hand, they are all newly cleaned and un-stained, carefully folded.

The note that accompanies them is in Siraji's hand, though clear effort has been made to clean it up enough that it is more easily legible and consistently-spelled than it so often can be. Capitalization and punctuation still suffer her usual lack of attention, however.

akadriel --

i know that your caravan has skilled tailors and all but when we were expecting one and then there were two it was a scramble. unexpected sons are pretty okay though i like mine a lot. it was hard though. they are really awful messy and stuff even though they are so small and you wouldnt even think they could hold that much shit. like actual shit not just stuff. so you need lots of clothes ok? these are the best of the boys' from when they were tiny. i hope they serve you well.

your partner probably arranged for a wet-nurse too. but cery is my friend and you are her caravan now instead of she is yours and you were real generous when i had my boys. they havent been weaned yet so while were here or camped in passing on the road or if hes at the weyr to see his mom while wherz is wintering there and hes hungry i would feed him gladly. murdans a dick but i like you guys and it wont hurt my sons to make sure yours is ok too ok?


The note that comes back a sevenday later comes in the hands of messenger rather than firelizard -- likely because of the package that accompanies it. A neat scroll bound in a twist of crimson-edged black ribbon. It is sealed in crimson wax, though it lacks Akadriel's usual caravan-leader seal. The handwriting inside is neat and elegant. Unwrapping the accompanying parcel reveals a bottle of single-malt whiskey; smokey and silky with faint orange and woodsy notes, it is among the best quality Pern has to offer.


I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful gift. This sevenday it has seemed like there is barely time enough to think, let alone collect a suitable store of newborn clothing. Having never embarked on this sort of venture before, I appreciate the contribution to Raikel's welfare.

There is a wet-nurse coming to stay at the caravan shortly, though I believe Y'an and I may be spending a good deal of time on Ista island in the near future. I will certainly keep your other generous offer in mind, as lactating is a skill I have yet to develop.

Gratefully yours,

Akadriel, of the Chadey

P.S. As your boys are now somewhat older, please take this whiskey by way of anniversary gift, with my compliments. Hopefully one of us has enough free time to enjoy it.


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